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Cobham Aerospace Communications Flexcomm™ Systems are synthesized AM/FM communications systems designed specifically for use in fixed and rotary wing aircraft. 

  • Flexcomm™ I systems include a C-1000 Communications Management Controller and up to three RT-30, RT-138F, or RT-406F Flexcomm™ I single-band transceivers, and suitable antennas. 
  • Flexcomm™ II systems include a C-5000 Communications Management Controller and any combination of RT-5000 Flexcomm™ II multiband  and Flexcomm™ I transceivers and antennas. 

All components operate on 28VDC aircraft power and have 5VDC and or 28 VDC lighting bus inputs. Audio inputs and outputs are compatible with aircraft audio systems.  We also supply antennas specifically designed for aircraft applications. All versions of the RT-5000, some versions of the C-5000, and some antenna systems have been PMAed. PMA will be obtained for all products in 1999.


When specifying a system, it is critical to know what frequency bands the operators are required to use.  The Flexcomm™ I FM radios cover the VHF LO band of 29.7 to 49.9975 with the RT-30, the VHF HI band of 138 to 174 MHz with the RT-138F, and the UHF band 406 to 512 Mhz with the RT-406F.  The RT-5000 Flexcomm™ II AM/FM transceiver covers all frequencies between 29.7 and 960 MHz.  Your system must have a radio for every frequency the user must monitor simultaneously.   For example, if the operators must listen to 39.75 Mhz and 165.400 Mhz simultaneously, both the RT-30 and the RT-138F must be specified.

Flexcomm™ I Transceivers

Cobham Aerospace Communications RT-30, RT-138F, and RT-406F Flexcomm™ I transceivers are 10 Watt FM synthesized single band radios.  Each radio contains a frequency synthesized Main receiver and transmitter capable of operating over the entire frequency band.  In addition to the Main receiver, a second receiver (called a Guard receiver) can be specified. This receiver can operate on one crystal controlled frequency.  The purpose of the Guard is to give the operator a channel that will always be monitored without using another complete radio or pseudo-scanning process. In addition, an optional Guard receiver with the CTCSS receive tone function is available. For special applications, the RT-138F and RT-406F models can be modified for additional receiver sensitivity. This option precludes the use of a Guard receiver and is not recommended for normal aircraft applications.

Flexcomm™ II Transceivers

Cobham Aerospace Communications Flexcomm™ II  transceivers include the RT-5000 series of  FM/AM synthesized multi-band radios.  Each radio contains a frequency synthesized Main receiver/transmitter capable of operating from 29.7 to 960 MHz.   With a synthesizer capable of tuning in 1.25 kHz steps, all RT-5000 models can operate on 12.5 kHz and 25 kHz FM channels.  Two other IF bandwidths, 35 Khz and 70 Khz, come standard for interfacing with military encryption systems. 

In addition to the Main receiver, a second receiver (called a Guard receiver) can be specified. This receiver can be a single channel crystal-controlled receiver or a synthesized 29.7-960 MHz receiver. The synthesized Guard option gives the operator the maximum flexibility and is recommended for all new installations. All models of the RT-5000 can be upgraded to a synthesized guard model.  

All RT-5000 models have DF interfaces and are equipped with CTCSS and DCS tones on both Main and Guard receivers.  When the operator’s mission requires communicating with multiple agencies over several different frequency bands, the RT-5000 radio is the recommended transceiver.  Also, the RT-5000 can be specified when interfacing with military missions since it covers the 30-88 MHz FM and the 225-400 MHz AM bands.

Both vertical and horizontal mounting trays options are available. Mounting the RT-5000 in the vertical position allows for improved cooling. Shock mounts are not required but suggested whenever possible.


The brain of the Flexcomm™ communications system is the control head.  Cobham Aerospace Communications offers two types:   the C-1000 and the C-5000 Communications Management Controllers.   Both have the ability to program preset channels and manually select transmit and receive frequencies from the front panel.   Both can operate the Flexcomm™ I RT-30, RT-138F, and RT-406F transceivers; however, only the C-5000 can control the Flexcomm™ II RT-5000.

C-1000 Control Head

The Cobham Aerospace Communications C-1000 Communications Management Controller can tune the Flexcomm™ I RT-30, RT-138F, or RT-406F model radios. It has 30 preset channel memory storage and can be used to manually select operational frequency and transmit CTCSS tones.  Although multiple radios can be connected to the C-1000, only one radio is active at a time, i.e.,the operator can only monitor one channel.  We recommend the C-1000 only where the system requirements call for a limited number of preset channels and one band of operation.

C-5000 Control Head

The Cobham Aerospace Communications C-5000 Communications Management Controller can tune all the current production radios, including the Flexcomm™ I RT-30, RT-138F, RT-406F and the Flexcomm™ II RT-5000, plus older Cobham Aerospace Communications transceivers, including the RT-7200, RT-9600, and RT-9600F, which are no longer in production. With the ability to tune and monitor three radio systems, the C-5000 turns the aircraft into a communication command center. Two mic and headset ports allow two users to independently operate two radio systems, which accounts for nearly all operational situations. Standard with the C-5000 are 350 preset channels, manual frequency selection on each system, front panel programming, PC database data port on the front of the unit (no extra connector to wire and find a place for), 5V and 28V bus, data entry via cursor/value knobs or keyboard.

While the list of basic functions is impressive, when multiple radios are connected, the power of the C-5000 really comes to life. The C-5000 has the ability to route audio from one radio system to the other to perform in-band relays, cross-band relays, simulcast on multiple radios, relay and simulcast at the same time, operate full duplex, and even function as a repeater. All enhanced functions require multiple radios connected to the C-5000.

Internal CTCSS/DCS Tone Board Option

For applications that require additional CTCSS tones above 203.5 Hz or DCS tones, the C-5000 can be ordered with an internal CTCSS/DCS tone board. This feature will only work with the RT-9600F, RT-138F, and RT-406F radios. For DCS operation with these radios, modifications to the radios and aircraft wiring may need to be performed.

Encryption Options

Operators using Motorola DVP encryption with a C-1000 or a C-5000 and want the encryption unit connected directly to the radio must order -5X model radios. These units are specifically designed with the interfaces to connect to an encryption module and must have the DVP module in the system to operate properly.   Encryption modules are not supplied by Cobham Aerospace Communications.

When using a C-5000, the encryption unit such as the Motorola OTAR is connected to the C-5000. It is possible to convert radios between standard and encryption compatible.  Please contact the repair center for details.

Click on any item in the list below to access a spec sheet.

  • P-2000 Flexcomm™
  • C-2000 Flexcomm™ Control Head
  • RT-2000 Flexcomm™ Remote Mounted Transceiver
  • C-5000 Flexcomm™ System Control Head P-25 Models

  • C-5000 Flexcomm™ System Control Head Base Models
  • C-1000 Flexcomm™ I Control Head
  • RT-5000 FLEXCOMM™ System 29.7 - 960.0 MHz Transceiver P-25 Model
  • RT-5000 FLEXCOMM™ System 29.7 - 960.0 MHz Transceiver Base Models
  • RT-5000 Mounting Trays
  • RT-30 FLEXCOMM™ I 29.7 - 50 MHz Transceiver
  • RT-138F FLEXCOMM™ I 138 - 174 MHz FM Transceiver
  • RT-406F FLEXCOMM™ I 406 - 512 MHz FM Transceiver
  • Antenna Options
  • FLEXCOMM™ Upgrade Programs
  • Sample System 1
  • Sample System 2
  • Sample System 3
  • Sample System 4
  • Installation and Test Accessories
  • Manuals
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