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Cobham Aerospace Communications
Series III™ NAV/COM Systems
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Cobham Aerospace Communications, a company within Cobham plc's Avionics and Surveillance (CAS) Division, is the designer and manufacturer of the Cobham Aerospace Communications Series III™ NAV/COM Systems.

The Cobham Aerospace Communications Series III™ product line includes the following systems and components:

VCS 40 VHF Communications System

VC-401B/C Transceiver

CD-402B/C Control-Display Unit

Test Accessories

VNS 41A VHF Navigation System

VN-411B Receiver

CD-412B/CD-413B Control-Display Unit

DFS 43A Automatic Direction Finder System

DF-431B Receiver

CD-432B Control-Display Unit

AT-434A Loop/Sense Antenna

DMS 44A Distance Measuring System

DM-441B Transceiver

SD-442B Selector-Display

RMS 555 Radio Management System

RMU-556 Radio Management Unit

KDA-557 Data Adapter

RMS-555 Configuration Module

Sample Systems

Installation Accessories


Series III™ Communication/Navigation Systems are top performers with the value and support you expect. Whether it's a new installation or an upgrade to an existing aircraft, Cobham Aerospace Communications Series III™ products have proven themselves in some of the toughest environments. Corporate, military and regional airline customers have all experienced the value provided by Series III™ products. ARINC 429 Digital bus control allows the Series III™ COMs, NAVs, ADFs, and DMEs to be controlled with individual controls, standard ARINC universal control heads, Flight Management Systems and the powerful RMS 555 Radio Management System.

VCS 40A VHF Communications System

The VCS 40A, a VHF Communication System, is flexible enough to meet your demanding requirements. The VCS 40A all digital VHF transceiver delivers crystal clear audio in a package that is affordable and ready for the new millennium. Digital control via ARINC 429 serial bus allows the transceiver to be tuned by an individual Series III™ control head, by flight management systems or by other industry standard control heads.

VCS 40A features include:

  • 20 watt solid-state transmitter
  • 118.000 - 136.975 MHz standard
  • 118.000 - 151.975 MHz optional
  • 8.33 kHz spacing and extended frequency options
  • Continuous self-test and built in diagnostics
  • Built-in SECAL and ACARS capability
  • Display options: High Contrast LCD, RMU-556, FMS
  • Reliable rear rack mounted connector
  • ARINC 429 serial bus control

VNS 41A VHF Navigation System

The VNS 41A - Digital Signal Processing in a VHF NAV system that delivers top performance. The VNS 41A VHF Navigation System combines VOR/LOC, glideslope and marker beacon reception in a single unit. Microprocessor-driven signal processng provides dramatic improvements in stability and accuracy of VOR/LOC and glideslope course guidance. The VNS 41A is compatible with most HSIs, CDIs, RMIs and conventional marker beacon displays. Its full complement of ARINC 429 Input/Output serial data buses provides direct interfaces with Electronic Flight Instrument Systems and Flight Management Systems.

VNS 41A performance features include:

  • Glideslope and marker beacon receivers standard
  • Digital radial/bearing readout
  • Digital VOR/LOC and glideslope converters
  • Virtual elimination of CDI needle oscillations
  • Continuous self-test and built-in diagnostics
  • ARINC 429 serial bus control

DFS 43A Automatic Direction Finder System

The DFS 43A - Digital ADF Navigation that makes NDB as easy to fly as VOR. The DFS 43A Automatic Direction Finder is an all-digital system designed from the start to provide ADF navigation capabilities never before available. When coupled to the VNS 41A VHF Navigation System, the DFS 43A displays left/right course steering guidance on the aircraft's horizontal situation indicator.

DFS 43A performance features include:

  • 190.0 - 1860.0 kHz and 2181 - 2183 kHz frequency coverage
  • AT-434A combined loop/sense antenna
  • Full-time automatic monitoring and self-test
  • ARINC 429 serial bus control

DMS 44A Distance Measuring System

The DMS 44A - Dual microprocessors, a dual channel interrogator and simultaneous operation with up to three DME stations. The DMS 44A provides superior distance measuring capability. An all digital transmitter provides simultaneous scanning of up to three DME ground stations. The DM-441B provides high-speed signal acquisition and superior range resolution.

DMS 44A performance features include:

  • Simultaneous scanning of three DME ground stations
  • 325 watt transmitter
  • NAV frequency display in DME Hold mode
  • Full-time automatic monitoring and self-test
  • ARINC 429 serial bus control

RMS 555 Radio Management System

The RMS 555 - Radio Management System reduces pilot work load while freeing up critical cockpit panel space. The RMS 555 Radio Management System replaces many individual radio controls, control heads, or tuning units with one display/control and a remote mounted data adapter. The RMS 555 is so effective in reducing pilot workload that it has even been selected as standard equipment on the (JPATS) T-6 Trainer currently being deployed by the U.S. Military. Dynamic system architecture allows great flexibility in installation options. Flight Management Systems, dual RMS 555s, and low power consumption control heads used during engine startup, allow configuration options to meet every requirement.

RMS 555 features include:

  • Control capabilities include VHF/UHF COMs, VHF NAVs, ADFs, DMEs, Mode S or Mode C transponders, MLS receivers and TACAN receivers
  • 20 Pilot Programmable Memory channels for each COM, NAV, ADF and TACAN
  • Full-time automatic system monitoring and self-test
  • Rack mount rear connectors for ease of installation and removal
  • ARINC 429 serial bus control

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